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How to Protect Your Business Now Against Pandemic Disasters

The pandemic Covid-19 (new coronavirus) has claimed hundreds of thousands of deaths and a multiple of those infected worldwide. There is no end in sight to this crisis and its consequences. People who could be employees of your company are also affected. By protecting your employees, you are protecting your customers, your company and thus our economy from devastating consequences.

Wherever people meet or gather, there is a potential risk of a (renewed) pandemic outbreak

Whether in production facilities or open-plan offices, and despite various protective measures at the workplace, no company is currently protected against viruses spreading in the air, causing infections that can quickly multiply among employees.

The graphic shows how with a reproduction number R = 2.88 (DE on June 21, 2020, statista) of 2 infected employees, the number increases to a total of 1,808 infected people within just 5 days. Since the infected carrier does not even have to show symptoms of an illness, the top priority is to avoid any spread in your own ranks without a doubt!

But what does this mean more specifically? It is necessary to subject all employees to medical tests on a regular basis in order to prevent infection with the greatest possible certainty. What sounds so simple is a particular organizational challenge for those responsible when it comes to implementation. First of all, appointments have to be arranged. Then all employees have to be properly tested,  test results have to then be recorded and evaluated centrally, and ongoing measures need to be  arranged and managed. To prevent an examination zone to become a hotspot for new infections, employees must appear in the control center according to a fixed schedule.

In this graphic we can see that at intervals of 5 minutes within a working shift (8 hours) not even 100 employees can be tested. In order to test 1,000 employees, 10 test sites are needed. Organization and scheduling of this procedure alone cause complex problems  to be resolved by those responsible.

Literally overnight, companies have been confronted with a new threat that not only affects individual employees, but can also mean the bankruptcy of economically well-positioned companies or even the collapse of an entire economy.

In view of the uncertainty, questions arise; it becomes obvious that optimal protection of an entire business requires considerable effort

After the initial overwhelm, it is clear by now which precautions companies can and should take to take preventive action against the invisible threat and to protect both people and business as well as possible. The measures to be taken are known. Once a management team becomes aware that this may be an enormous logistical challenge, many questions arise about how to deal with such an undertaking. Ultimately, capacities must be planned, an appropriate infrastructure set up and the supply of materials ensured.

  • What measures need to be taken?
  • How to implement efficient planning?
  • What resources are needed?
  • How to manage the financial impact?
  • How to establish new trust for our customers?

Only consistent compliance with all measures can protect your company's employees and customers

With regards to the great suffering that Covid-19 caused and is still causing, we asked ourselves what contribution we at Rigilog AG as a process-oriented IT service provider - nomen est omen - could make. Immediately, we got down to work and started looking for a solution to this area of challenges related to the new type of threat. Last but not least, our company itself with valued employees and customers would be affected. We set ourselves the aim of helping companies, regardless of industry or size, to efficiently and effectively deal with the problem, as quickly as possible. Since we have been supporting renowned companies with logistics tools for decades, we are very familiar with their operational process logic, so that we were able to create a prototype very quickly and test it successfully.

And today we are pleased to be able to introduce to you the first version of a specific, highly efficient and effective solution to protect not only your employees and customers but your entire business against the threat of pandemics such as Covid-19:

ProtectusTM is the name of the solution that finally frees you from the headache related to protective measures for your employees, your customers and your business!

ProtectusTM is the first software solution of its kind to efficiently and effectively manage logistical, infrastructural and personnel effort that arise from the protective measures against the threat of pandemics such as Covid-19.

As your new "Protection Officer", ProtectusTM is now at your side when it comes to protecting your company against health, financial and existential damage by providing you with the following services:

Medical Tests for All Employees

Scheduling & Organization

  • Daily recordings of employee test status 
  • Modeling of organizational structure of the company
  • Smooth test scheduling
  • Central processing of lab results
  • Evaluation of statistics at the push of a button

Supply of Protective Equipment

Computer-controlled Forecast & Issuing

  • Easy control
  • User-specific distribution based on group/job profileI
  • Individual volumes of delivery and time periods for continuous supply
  • Supplier-independent

Certificate for Increased Trust

Visibility for Customers

  • Seal for your website, products or shop
  • Reputation increase
  • Up-to-date information easily shareable via social media
  • Confirmation of authenticity (link to issuer)
  • Fast implementation using inline frame (iframe)

Try ProtectusTM now for 14 Days totally FREE and have access to the unrestricted version of the application: 

  • Software for check-up appointment scheduling, test performance, results processing and statistical analysis
  • Responsive frontend design for all devices
  • Complete software package, set up in a maximum of 24 hours
  • Local (SaaS) installation (on-premise solution available on request)
  • Works on all devices (PC, notebook, smartphone, tablet)
  • Server locations worldwide
  • GDPR compliant

After trying it out, you don't want your business

be any longer without  ProtectusTM . As a valued customer, you will enjoy these additional benefits:

  • Very attractive cost structure, customized to your number of employees
  • No contract
  • Cancel monthly

ProtectusTM - Your 'Chief Protection Officer' at no Risk!

Put ProtectusTM to the  test and use the solution in your organization for 14 days without paying a dime for it! Convince yourself that you no longer want to give up ProtectusTM in order to protect your employees, your customers and your business. Give pandemics such as Covid-19 no chance!