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1. Limited Liability
The information contained in this website and links provided are solely for the information of our website visitors. They do not represent legal advice. We also do not guarantee the accuracy or completeness of the information contained on this website.  We exclude any and all liability for any damages which may arise from the use of this website and the information contained therein. We expressly state that the mere use of our website does not create a contractual relationship between the website visitor and Rigilog AG.

2. External Links
Our website contains links to websites of third parties. These websites are solely the responsibility of their respective operators. In adding these external links, Rigilog AG has reviewed their content for any potential violations of the law. At the time the links were added, no violations were found. Rigilog AG, however, has no influence on the current and future design or content of these external sites. Adding external links does not imply in any way that Rigilog AG is claiming that their content as its own. This holds true also for any links and advertising material (text ads or banners) found on these external websites.

3. Communication by Email
The transmission of unencrypted email is neither safe nor suitable to exchange confidential information and personal data. If you provide confidential information by email without undertaking the necessary security precautions, you should be aware that it is possible for unauthorised third parties (e.g. hackers) to access the information. You should also expect that an unauthorized third party would also use your information to steal your identity and use it for their own purposes. The information sent via e-mail may also be sent abroad. This may even be the case if both sender and recipient are located in Switzerland. For this reason, you must also expect that the information transmitted via email could also be transferred to a country with a lower standard of data protection than that which exists in Switzerland. If, however, you still make an inquiry with us via unencrypted email, we will assume that you accept this kind of communication with us. In this case, you agree that we may reply to your unencrypted email and provide the requested information with our own unencrypted email.

4. Copyright
The information contained on this website is subject to Swiss copyright law. Any use, copying, reproduction or distribution of the contents of this website or any part thereof is prohibited without the consent of Rigilog AG.

5. Data Protection

Detailed information about the handling of personal data belonging to visitors of this website is explained in the Privacy Policy of Rigilog AG.

6. Questions on the Disclaimer

If you have any further questions concerning this disclaimer, we will be glad to answer them. Please direct your questions to our contact address.

7. Updates
We reserve the right to update our disclaimer at any time, especially in response to new legal requirements. This disclaimer was last amended in September 2020.